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11th Annual Photography Tournament

PhotoSA is hosting our first photography tournament in cooperation with the San Antonio River Foundation

Annual Photography Tournament (ages 12+):

Sunday, October 22, 2023

    Starts at 8 AM and goes until about 3 PM

    A lunch option will be made available. More details to come!

    This is an outdoor event. You will need to bring your own chair and laptop. WiFi should be available from Bibliotech to upload your images, but it would be a good idea to bring your mobile device as a hotspot. It’s also a good idea to bring bug spray, suntan lotion, umbrella, etc.

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    PhotoSA September meeting at Finer Works Thursday 9/14 6:30-8:30 PM

    “Capturing the Essence of Motion and Power in Motorsport and Automotive Photography”

    Guest Speaker: Jonathan Guarinot, Motorsport/Automotive Photographer from Houston, TX

    FinerWorks, 10930 Wye Dr #101, San Antonio, TX 78217, USA