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Announcing The  9th Annual San Antonio Photography TournamentSunday October 17, 2021 8am-3:00pm

NEW LOCATION! ONLINE! (meet via Zoom and submit with SmugMug)

Instant gratification photography competition! Get out your camera!

The 9th Annual San Antonio Photo tournament is an Instant Gratification Photographers’ Challenge. It is open to photographers of all skill levels and ages 12 and up. Five of eight tournaments were won by amateurs, not pros! There are 15 categories that  photographers will compete in and prizes will be given to winners in each category. Winners will be instantly determined by a panel of judges, and winners announced at the end of the event live via Zoom.

Here’s how it works:

You will login to Zoom (we will send an email with details to registrants) before 8am and get the rules and categories, then you get to roam around your location (home, a park, or even while on vacation! -one person said that they will be on vacation but will still participate!) and create wonderful images! Before noon the competition is over, and the judges will choose the winners. The winners will be announced immediately following.

There are MANY VALUABLE PRIZES from several photography vendors…thousands in prizes!


One ticket is $39. The ticket purchase price will be used to purchase prizes and help stimulate the economy. Purchase Tickets NOW

Feel free to host your own photo competition party at your home or neighborhood park for your friends!

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After the tournament, check out this event the day after: